What is Holistic Performance

Holistic Performance is the mindful, thoughtful pursuit of realizing our God Given potential. This potential can only be reached when the four energies that compose the Human experience (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) are balanced, then intentionally developed over the span of our lives.

Holistic Performance

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1. Mind/Body Connection

At the Core of Holistic Performance is restorative movement and progressive strength training strategies which unify the human energy systems into one singular practice.

Achieving Mind/Body Mastery

  • Awareness

    Through use of a functional movement assessment, we bring awareness to faulty movement patterns related to mental, emotional or physical trauma.  This process uncovers hidden causes of injury or chronic pain and is the first step in creating your individualized Restorative Fitness™ program.  

  • Mindfulness

    Unification of breath and a deliberate, focused intention on how and why we are moving creates a meditative process called Meditraining. Meditraining is the product of objectively incorporating and observing the unification of MindBody into the practice of movement as a meditation, not exercise.

  • Intention

    Placing all our mental focus on the working muscle groups and maximizing the exercise's intended benefit. This MindBody connection increases neural output, efficiency of movement, mental aquity/clarity, and removal of emotional trauma trapped in the body.

  • Breathwork or "Pneuma"

    "Pneuma" is the ancient Greek word meaning "the breath of life". The breath is central to the foundations of every major religion & spiritual practice on Earth. Pneuma is the glue connecting the mind, body and soul. It is essential to the healing process, unification of the four human energy systems and for reaching the summit of human performance.


2. 10-Point Fitness Training

A comprehensive approach to fitness, and wellbeing. 

Eliminate plateaus and areas of weakness by taxing all aspects of the physical body. 

Muscle Endurance

Cardiovascular endurance

Body Composition





Reaction Time



3. Metabolic Conditioning

Effective fitness programming should maximize the body’s ability to use both fat and sugar for fuel. This is essential for both physical performance and mental acuity. This is what we call the Engine and the Caboose of your metabolic system.  One pushes your thresholds, and one pulls you toward higher levels of performance and longevity.

In order to train the body to become efficient in both systems, you have to expose it to High Intensity (HIIT), and Low Intensity (LIIT) type workouts. We create metabolic disruption by allowing an intricate ebb and flow of high and low, strength and cardio bouts throughout the week. You recover, you grow, you avoid injury, and you train like an athlete.

S2 Method Stewart Breeding in red Rogue brand tshirt performing squats with heavy weight on the bar

4. Cutting Edge Technology

With the use of modern day technologies we can objectify our training strategies to provide accurate feedback, personalize your training experience and guarantee results.

We bring in the best of the industry with:

  • Heart Rate monitored workouts based on your unique fitness level

  • Hormone and body composition analysis

  • Online training through our custom mobile app and video library

  • Live in-house video analysis with coach feedback to maximize technique and improve results

5. Connecting the Dots

The three rules of performance. Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition.
Holistic Performance is about connecting Mind, Body and Soul so we may live our very best lives. This is all but impossible without understanding the healing power of food and following a nutritional program which is designed specifically for our individual needs. Our Nutrition programs are based on science, objective data, personal history and finding the right foods for your body.

Meditation & Prayer
Over 1 billion people world wide suffer with hypertension.
48% of Americans suffer with Heart disease.
Both are 100% correlated with stress. Stress is a product of the thoughts we think, lack of proper movement & the poisonous foods we eat. Meditation and Prayer are the two most powerful medicines for restoring mental and physical health, eradicating "Dis-ease" and restoring the mind, body and soul to its proper intention.

In the 15+ years I've been involved in health and fitness, whether it be as a trainer, competitor or "Corporate Warrior", Stewart offers the most unique and intelligent workout design I've encountered. His one-of-a-kind background gives him a performance-minded approach to everything the human body can achieve. His attention to perfection on how to operate the body in the most effective and efficient way is something I have not experienced elsewhere. You will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally working with Stewart. You are not just working out with Stewart, you are training!

Aaron Sunderlin