Stength & Fitness Training

My mission is to provide you with a holistic performance system which is specific to your needs, fits into your busy life, while achieving your goals. That's why I've provided my clients with options for personal training, semi-private training, and also online training with my APP. Check out options below and see which one fits your needs best.

Personal Training

One on One training with Stewart Breeding. This is a fully customized experience at my Private Studio in Nashville TN. Personal training is reserved for clients graduating our prepare and repair program, sport-specific conditioning, or privacy and scheduling concerns.

Semi- Private Training

Group training is designed for small groups (6 ppl) of individuals who want to train with the energy and comradery of a team but still have the benefit of individualized coaching. These classes are 30-45 minutes, High intensity, and cover all 10 dimensions of fitness to include a deep dive into the art of strength training with both barbells and kettlebells.

Online Training

Get results at your pace, on your time, anywhere in the world. This method is perfect for the corporate athlete, folks with home gyms or memberships who are looking for expert coaching and accountability.


Increase the MindBody connection, learn to induce Ultra states of Flow Performance with goal-specific audio training products produced by Stewart Breeding. Are you ready to turn your performance up a notch?